Our people

  • A multi-faceted background: web designer, business developer and now goldsmith, Lineda takes care of all incoming and outgoing (wholesale) orders including quality control.

  • She is a formal dancer and still a yoga teacher running her own studio. Because of her interest in art and fashion she now works a few day's in the HvE shops.

  • A recent graduate of the St. Joost Academy of Fine Arts, Anne is now studying to be a goldsmith.

  • Art academy graduated multi-disciplinary textile expert, Barbara works in the shoe shop and takes care of the repair service for the bags.

  • A fashion major from Artez (AKI), Hermione combines her three kids with a couple of days a week at all three shops. She has an eye for all technical questions.

  • A documentary buff and a inveterate traveller, Angeline keeps the accounts straight with a weekly descent on the Hartenstraat.