• Hester is an inquisitive soul, and finds inspiration all around her. A subtle playfulness, keen artistic eye, and an historical perspective remain her design trademarks. She particularly delights in finding analogies with distinctive objects, understanding intricately engineered systems, the scale and form of architecture, the beauty of nature, and observing human behavior.

  • Hester always carrys her sketchbook with her and is constantly doodling and drawing shapes, trying to bring her latest design inspirations to life.
    When she’s back in her atelier, she uses markers to further explore the designs, bringing color into the mix.

  • Once Hester is happy with her sketches, she starts to work in three dimensions. She builds prototypes of her new pieces in paper, fabric, and leather.
    She does this to test dimensions, shapes, construction methods, and systems. It often requires multiple iterations to get everything just so. After she is satified with the finished prototype, she brings it to her skilled production team in Milan.

  • Hester brings her designs to the most sought-after artisans in Milan who handcraft her pieces using traditional techniques and an artist's passion.