• Every Hester van Eeghen design is infused with her five essential elements Beauty, Passion, Shape, Color and Surprise.

    She artistically blends these elements to create functional designs that soar beyond their basic purpose. Can a handbag stir the soul, lift up the spirit, and inspire confidence? Absolutely! Just as surely as a great painting or musical composition can do the same.

  • Beauty is essential for restoring the human spirit. It stimulates our senses, stirs our desire, and encourages us to consider the possibilities. “For me, beauty means the unexpected,” says Hester. “I like beauty that surprises and tickles the spirit and sometimes even shocks.” Let the beauty of Hester van Eeghen’s unique creations takes you on a journey of discovery and wonder.

  • You spot it immediately – the buoyancy that surrounds passionate people. They look lighter on their feet, their ideas bound over barriers, and their spirit lifts those around them. That’s Passion, the engine of creation, and it’s evident in every design from Hester van Eeghen. Playful. Enthusiastic. Confident. That’s the feeling you get from an HvE handbag.

  • Unique and intriguing shapes, full of expression, are a true hallmark of Hester van Eeghen’s designs. She tweaks proportions, teases angles, and explodes the boundaries of normal. “I like creating a bit of confusion,” says Hester, “playing with the unexpected.” Her intriguing twists and unusual details produce individual character in each bag or accessory, making them objects of desire that are timeless.

  • Color is often the first design element to arrive and the first to evoke a response. It quickly sets a tone that can range from formal to playful. It can subtly coordinate its parts or be as obvious as a spotlight. It can be quiet like nature or as loud as any metropolis. “Color is my energy source,” says Hester. Above all else, Color projects your personality, and HVE has a glorious palette from which to choose. Go ahead … make a statement.

  • Hester van Eeghen uses Surprise to revitalize the child in us, to turn the humdrum into the humdinger. “I like to create reactions, from little smiles on people’s faces to big question marks,” she explains. It may be a hidden compartment, a trick clasp, a simple black leather bag with a kaleidoscopic lining, or maybe a one-of-a-kind detail that inspires wonder. You’ll always get more than you expected from an HVE design.