• Whether it is something as simple as selecting custom colors for an existing product, creating a new piece for a specific purpose, or designing an entire line of products, Hester loves to collaborate with clients on custom design projects. She does this to expand her creative horizons, to discover new and interesting design ideas, to support worthy causes, and to learn from other experts.Over the years Hester has designed collections for other brands such as Boumy, Paco Rabanne, Marlboro Classics, Jaguar, and Castelijn en Berens. She has also created custom pieces for many corporate clients. The panels to the right show examples of this custom design work.

    But Hester's time is very precious, and she only has time for a select few of these projects each year. This means she is necessarily discerning when taking on new custom design clients.

    If you have a worthy cause, represent a prestigious event or brand, have a fascinating design challenge, or would like something special for use as a corporate gift, please inquire as to Hester's interest and availability by sending email to

  • Hester designed a limited edition collection of baby booties for Boumy in the Spring of 2011. The four designs reflect Hester’s signature design elements, including her eye for striking color combinations, whimsy, and the use of systems. Even the names (Smarties, Bunny, Princess, and Robin Hood) echo her sparkling wit.

  • Hester designed three distinct styles of luggage for design icon Paco Rabanne.
    Serene, industrial, and stunning. Composed respectively of leather and fabric, natural recycled fiber, and metal.

  • Hester created a classic luggage line for Marlboro Classics. And even though the color palette of this ruggedly masculine collection is relatively subdued compared to the rest of Hester’s work, the subtle contrasting leathers still whisper her design aesthetic.